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IntelliQ vS
IntelliQ vS
IntelliQ vS

IntelliQ vS

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Queue Management Systems are essential for enhanced customer journey management and increased staff productivity in the modern Business Working Environment. Our portfolio of both Hardware and Software Tools for advance Queue management gives our clients the resources they need for better management of business operations and customer dealing. Our solution offers enhanced customer journey management, rectifying bottlenecks and wait times, for an increased staff productivity and elevated customer experience.

Our IntelliQ range of Queue Management System is designed for businesses that are interested in gathering data, monitoring, centrally managing multiple location and more. Sectors that will benefit from this solution includes such sectors as Banking, Telecoms, Hospitals, Logistics and generally dealing with a large number of customers in any given location.

  • Full wireless system
  • Ultra-high definition 10" touch screen information display
  • Robust real-time reporting system
  • Online queuing enabled
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure, directory/software
  • Automated backup system
  • Real time reporting software
  • Customer priority based on segmentation
  • Floor standing/Wall mount Kiosk options
  • Can function as a stand alone without integration

Each order consists of;

  • 1* Touchscreen Kiosk
  • 1* Tessera Qplay Media Device
  • 4* Hardware Callpad or Software Callpad
  • 4* LED Counter Displays
  • 10* Guillotine Thermal Paper Rolls
  • 1* vS Enetrprise Software License
  • 1* vS Qreport Software
  • 1* Qplay Media Player License
  • Each single unit order is for a single location/branch with up to four (4) Customer Service desks or Service Agents.
  • If your location/branch has more than four (4) Service Personnel or Agent who attend to customers/clients at the same time, you will require Hardware Callpad or Software Callpad and LED Counter Displays for each additional Service Personnel. Click HERE to order additional units of these components.
  • Callpads are available in software and hardware options. Software Callpads are installed on your Customer Service Personnel's Computer System. Select the software option if you want your Agents to use their computer systems instead of the Hardware Callpad.

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