IntelliQ - Wallmount
Automatic wall mounted Queue Ticket Dispenser Machine
Automatic wall mounted Queue Ticket Dispenser Machine

IntelliQ - Wallmount

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Products Features:

  • Surface acoustic wave touch screw with coloring LCD display and integral and compact structure with personalized design and rarefied appearance.
  • Whole system is controlled by software which includes calling displaying and audio system. And it integrated advanced high-technology with intelligent man-machine interaction.
  • With wireless communication controller built -in, and magcard reader in VIP is available too. It is very convenient for user to experience its excellent services.
  • Leading technology innovation, it integrated thermal printer which prints clearly and easy to replace paper roll or maintain.
  • It supports appraiser, virtual manipulator and LCDJLED video advertising system.
  • Dot matrix display screw can display words in most languages.
  • Supporting to play multilingual sounds.
  • Both wire communication and wireless communication are available.
  • Abundant report query functions which help you to view in different wayacoustic wave touch screw with.

Technical Parameters:

  • Input voltage :AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz;
  • Rated current0,3A;
  • 0peration Interface i151 Inches LCD display with
  • Surface acoustic wave touch screen ;
  • 0utlet Iine: one line for transfering network signal by connecting with LAN, one line for connecting with audio device and other 2 lines for RS485(one for manipulator ,the other for display screen );
  • Width of paper:57mm
  • Net weight:22.0Kg(not including accessories);
  • Gross weight: 23.0Kg(not including accessories);


  • Model Number: LC-80A
  • Color: Green,Black.White
  • Application: Hospital,Bank
  • Size: 143cm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Language: English/Arabic/French/Russian.etc
  • Function: Touch screen smart queuing tickets
  • Connect Type: Wireless

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