Alex & Forbes :: The Company

The competition amongst service providers to enhance customer experience and improve customer satisfaction has been made a priority for many in the Nigerian business sector. As customers become increasingly aware of their options, promoting loyalty can no longer be achieved with empty promises, but rather through service delivery and surpassing expectations.

Alex & Forbes is a modern and forward thinking company driving the improvement of productivity and operational efficiencies in businesses across the world with our wide and varied range of products. Our systems are synonymous with performance, quality and value.

Many blue chip organizations around the world rely on Alex & Forbes products to help manage people flow and improve efficiency within their operations. We pride ourselves on always gaining a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, providing an appropriate, bespoke and cost effective solution and conducting our business ethically with honour and integrity.

Alex & Forbes employs a skilled and committed workforce with strategic presence within Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Boasting over seventy years of combined experience amongst our key staff, we possess the requisite skillset to meet every request from our clients. We take great pride in leveraging our knowledge and experience to develop solutions to mission-critical challenges, no matter how intractable they appear. All engineering, electronics and software development is carried out on a case by case basis, enabling us ensure that every solution we provide is created for the very challenge it is meant to solve.

We believe continuity and service development are cornerstones to forging a successful relationship; buying a product from us is merely one stage of the experience. Proper support and maintenance of the products to ensure the client enjoys full functionality after purchase are crucial in establishing a mutually beneficial and indefinitely sustainable relationship


To be a vanguard in bringing valuable technological solutions to Africa.


Demonstrate exceptional reliability and provide quality products and services for our client by commanding unparalleled expertise and demand the highest levels of integrity of our staff and management.


INTEGRITY- Trustworthiness above all else

DEPENDABILITY – let your word be your bond

INNOVATION – Think outside the box