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Manage your customer experience with a basic Manual Queue Management System. Each visitor takes a numbered ticket from the ticket dispenser and waits for their ticket number to be called in line. When a customer's ticket is called, the number is displayed boldly on the LED counter display of the table or counter they need to approach to be served. 

Salons, Restaurant, Schools, Airline Ticketing office, Customer Service Counter, Any business that deals with large number of visitors and wants to manage the queuing system.


  • Call Keypad
  • 3 Digit LED Counter Display
  • Ticket Dispenser
  • Numbered paper roll
  • Ticket dispenser's stand (aluminum profiles extruded)

    • Wireless connection between the main display and call pad
    • One display can show 1-999pcs calling number as you required
    • Amplifier announces service number with a Ding-Dong sound
    • Simple ticket dispenser for getting tickets
    • Numbered paper ticket
    • Clear and Next call function
    • On/off Power function
    • Stand alone Ticket dispenser
    • Easy to set-up, easy to use.
    • Ticket dispenser is available in Red, Green and Blue color options
    • Dimension: 285mm*175mm*45mm      
    • Material: Plastic   
    • Paper: each roll contains 2000 tickets
    • Ticket dispenser stand is 110cm (extended)

    Each order consists of;

    • 1* Ticket Dispenser
    • 1* Ticket Dispenser Stand
    • 1* Call pad
    • 1* LED Counter Display
    • 4* Numbered Paper Roll

    If your store/branch has more than one Service Personnel or Agent who attend to customers/clients at the same time, please select the number of counters in the dropdown option. You can select up to five (5) Counters. Selecting more counters, will increase the number of Callpads and LED Counter Display for 1 set.  

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