Long Queues In Nigerian Banking Halls

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It is common knowledge that a trip to the bank requires not just the logistics of getting there, but also a mental preparation for the ordeal you most certainly have to go through in order to be served. This problem has been prevalent for years now and one has to wonder when it will be a thing of the past. Of course, customers of the Nigerian banking system go through this mind-numbing experience time and time again with little or no choice; be banked or unbanked. There are many reasons why the option of being unbanked might be appealing; however, in this day and age, the forward thinking option is to have your money in the bank and be able to access it whenever you want to do so. Why then does it seem like the simple process of banking becomes another woe that should befall the common Nigerian? 

Do Nigerian Banks Care About The Long Queues?

Alex and Forbes Queue Management System

The short answer is: Yes. Nigerian banks do care about the long queues but it would seem that the most efficient method to addressing this issue so has been the provisioning of ATMs. This method however, does not have enough spread and has been stretched to it's limits resulting in queues redirected elsewhere or better yet the creation of a different kind of branch for the queues. It continues to be relied upon too heavily as a solution and some banks even go as far as implementing systems that seek to push away customers from banking halls. The reality is that banking in Nigeria simply has not developed enough to reach that point yet. There are just too many factors preventing a complete push away of customers from banking halls and exploring these factors here would simply lead this blog down a rabbit hole that I'm not ready to explore.

Banks needs to accept that the solution cannot be a one-size-fits-all and the road to addressing this issue should be littered with banners that remind decision makers that a key focus should be placed on improving customer experience. Improving customer experience is a two way system that will reward both the customers and the banks. Rather than focus on pushing away customers from banking halls and making a visit to the bank a harrowing experience, why not consider the option of making a visit to the bank less frustrating thereby maximizing the use of your brick and mortar access points because the truth is it already costs you more to have and maintain it. Why not make your bank branches a marketing point as well as an avenue for showing your customers a caring face to your brand? You know, branding shouldn't simply be reflected in your logos/colors or branch furniture. It should be felt as much (if not more) as it is seen. 

Queue Management At Banking Halls

It is mind boggling the lasting effect a failed method that was poorly executed decades ago has left on the banks. An almost paralyzing fear seems to wash over them when it comes to considering just how many ways a Queue Management System (QMS) might actually be a huge help - from addressing the long queues and improving customer experience to enhancing bank tellers/customer service and increasing turnover and brand loyalty. Really, the benefits are almost endless. Why is it that Nigerian banks cannot see that Queue Management Systems cannot and should not be compared to the "tally number system" that was used decades ago? Despite the exponential growth in Technology and how technology has affected every aspect of our daily living in recent times, is it so impossible to consider that embracing Queue Management System is a step in the right direction? 

alex and forbes queue management system

After years of deploying Queue Management Systems in Nigeria, we can say, we did not expect that the Telcos would leave the Nigerian banks far behind in their rush to adopt Queue Management Systems in their environment. The leading Telco operator in Nigeria has maintained the use of QMS in almost all their Service Centers and Connect Stores since 2010. In fact, Queue Management System is a feature in all Telcos in Nigeria. Simply put: Queue Management System works. 


The adoption of a Queue Management System in Banks should be strongly considered as a solution in dealing with long queues in bank halls. Alex and Forbes, Ltd. has studied queues in Nigeria for years and we dare say that our proprietary software and hardware QMS can help immeasurably to address the queues in Bank halls. We can tailor our solution to work uniquely for each client to remain in line with their goals. If you are wondering how Queue Management System can address the queue in your bank halls, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation today.